Mini Messages

Dear Harry Potter,
I cannot wait for your last movie to come out. I'm starting my own marathon tonight. I really shouldn't be this excited.

Dear Study,
You are the room I am fearing the most to start packing. You're messy, unorganized, and chaotic. Maybe if I just keep the door closed you'll just clean yourself up. Thanks.

Dear Mexican Food,
Quit being so desirable. I cannot have you right now. Stop it.

Dear Future,
Become clear? 

Dear Winn Dixie, 
I hate you. You work my husband, but don't pay enough. You stink.


*Picture: One of my favorites of our engagement shoot!


  1. I need to write Mexican food the same letter:-) Seriously. Could eat it every single day. One of my biggest prego cravings right now! xoxo

  2. I am so scared that once I get pregnant that I'll start hating mexican food! I crave it 24/7!! P.S. Congrats on the baby!!

  3. Also, love your blog! You have a new "follower!"

  4. hello doll! How cute are you and your blog??

    dont get me started on mexican food...we dont have it here in england..and by we i mean england..

    i know. its sad.

  5. Thank you! And ohmygoodness, no mexican food?! I'd surely die! But, I could trade living in England for no mexican food...but only for a week or so! :)

  6. Ha ha ha. Mexican food is so important to me. And Harry Potter? Love. I can't believe the final movie is SO close. I'm geeking out, a little bit.

    Cute blog, girl. I'ma follow you.


  7. Thanks so much! I am totally geeking out!! I'm dying to go to the midnight showing, but I know it'll be crazy!! I'm headed over to your blog!

  8. These are so cute! Mexican food is meant to be craved. I eat it multiple times a week...although it does help that I live 15min from Mexico :)

  9. Lucky!! I used to live in TX, so I'm used to the good stuff! I'm actually about to get some mexican food! Yay! :)