steak at the station

A friend of ours works at a local police/fire station. He is also an amazing griller. He invited husband and me to come over last week to cook us some steaks. Being the poor newlyweds (you all saw our normal meals) we gladly accepted! Here are some photos from the night:

Yummingly marinated!

I promise he doesn't always wear a hat.

The cook!

It was veryvery good. So good, I ate it all up before even getting a picture!

Today I've been working hard! Husband and I found a place to rent! YAY!

But, it's super old.

Like, first house ever built in our city. Yeah.

So, we've been cleaning all afternoon. Plus, I still have about half the house we're in now to pack up...fun fun!

Hope you guys are having a more exciting weekend than we are here!!!


  1. Ah come on we are gonna help make that house look like a palace!!! Lol and don't worry next paycheck more steaks!!!

  2. Yessir! I'll hold you to that! And yes, we'll see how that "palace" turns out!

  3. Don't worry about your place...a little TLC will turn it around right away! And it will be your first house with your husband, so it will always hold a special place in your heart :)

  4. You are so right! Thank you! I'm ready to get in there and get started with the decorating! Have a happy Sunday!