Back from the Stone Age

We made it! A whole week without internet! It was relaxing, I admit. But, I was constantly writing down funny things that happened so I would remember to blog about them! Nerd.

Funny story #1 (like I said, there will be many more "funny stories") I woke up this morning hearing voices. Not in my head, but outside. I woke up husband and made him go look. It was our internet people! Yay! Then, a couple minutes later, they drove away. Not once did they knock on the door. Not once did they say anything to us! Thank goodness I have a smart husband who decided to plug in the router just to see what happens. And viola! Internet! So, thanks people...but no thanks! We decided they must be some kind of hit and run type of company.

What's the first thing the Crews' do when internet is back in our lives? Wife is curled up on the couch with the little furbabies, blogging. Husband is 2 feet away from the tv screen, xboxing it up.

We're an exciting bunch.

Picture: Taking Bella-Boo home to the parents! Loved having her while they were in Zambia!


  1. You're not a nerd! I do that too. Because some of my best ideas come when I'm nowhere near a computer =D

  2. Exactly!! Plus, I have such a terrible memory, I'd forget to blog about it even if I did have a computer next to me! :)

  3. SO glad you have Internet back! Bella hasn't stopped "napping" since she got home!

    AND, nothing like being a nerd like me!