Crazy Love Experience Pt.1

I usually don't read the forewords in books. But seeing that it was written by Chris Tomlin, I just had to. And ohmygoodness, I'm so glad I did.

Already challenged by the foreword? Yes. I am.

"...in Acts 11, at the end of verse 26, it says, 'The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.' What I find interesting is the simple thought that the Christians didn't name themselves. But rather, they were called (or named) 'Christians' by those watching their lives."

Ok. Pause.

I've read over that verse so many times and didn't even think twice about it. Already God started tugging at my heart to look at my life. What do others call me? What would they name me? The first Christians didn't have to label themselves. It was so apparent in their lives.

I'm already psyched to continue reading. I want to (and could) finish the whole book tonight. But I want to take it slow to make sure I soak up every little thing God has for me.



  1. So good. I loved reading this book! Hope you enjoy and devour it as much as I did =D

  2. I just know I will! Feel free to leave some of your input as I go through the chapters!

  3. See -- I told you . . . I read it fast the first time, and then went back over it slower. Then the third time I read it with a small group of couples. To hear their take and to relook at stuff - was so cool. At the first read, I so wanted my husband to read it but he was not interested in stuff like that. Then when it was introduced at our small group, I was like in heaven . .gee Lord, thanks for doing this . now he has to read it . .but, then a lot of stuff was revealed and that never . .him reading it .. never came to be. But, that is OK too -- as God's timing is perfect. I am going to say a little prayer right now .. Lord, when I read it for the 4x time . . I would like to read it along side of my husband . .with YOU all things are possible. Amen. Enjoy the book Lauren! And I agree with Taylor, your new sight is cool. I want to update mine as well - - -but, I have no idea and my daughter DOES not have patience to help me. I may just leave it be. amen.

  4. PS . . the next book he wrote on the Holy Spirit is great too -- watch out though . . he may show you how we hinder the H/S . . . Powerful! I need to read that book a 2x .. yep, that is a good idea. I read it in a hurry in the middle of my own pain . . and well, now would be a good time to revist it. He has one on Hell coming out in November. . go on his web site and watch the preview video for it . .wow . this man, is for our generation . .I believe the generation that will see the coming of Christ!! Amen.! God is getting ready. I found out yesterday that 1/2 of all the Christians that have been 'saved' . .have been born and saved in the past 10 years . . yes, all the Chritians in the world . . wow . .God is moving . !

  5. Thank you for your sweet words! I am already enjoying this book! I will definitely check our his others! Your blog is also uplifting and know that you're in my prayers!