Joy Filled Friday (on Thursday)

You can call it hopeful wishing, but I do realize that it is not Friday, but Thursday. I am one day early for the weekend. Why? Because mine starts today, at 4:00pm. Not only does my weekend start, but so does Spring Break!! It's times like this that I really, really love my job. Working at a school allows me to still have Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, Spring break, and Summer break. I am a-okay with that.

Seeing how I will be in a car, with 3 boys, for 8 hours tomorrow, I decided to do my joys today!

(My girls are always joys of mine!)
1 51 followers on this little blog! Woohoo! Thanks guys, I appreciate the constant flow of sweet comments and friendships I've made through blogging! 2 Going "home." Since being married, I do realize that my home home is with my husband. But, there's just something about going to your "old" home that makes you fuzzy inside! 3 Late night tandem bike rides with Husband. This seems to be a weekly/daily thing and I love it!
4 Girl talks. I work in a mostly all girl office and I love our random (albeit-distracting from work) talks!
5 Eyebrow waxing. I hate the process, but love the outcome. Especially when it's been....oh, 4 or 5 months since they've been done. 6 Fun hair styles. I've been throwing around the idea to do this. Yes? No? 7 Filling out the silly quizzes in magazines. 8 Thinking something is 100x funnier only because it's not the right time to laugh and you're trying so hard to stay quiet. 9 Sleeping in with no regrets.
10 This song, on repeat, all day, every day.


To those who have to work tomorrow: have a happy last day of work and enjoy your weekend!
To those who don't: have a happy 3 day weekend!
To those who are cool, like me: have a happy week off from life!

I'll be posting here and there, keeping you all up to date on my spring breaking, and you bet your bottom dollar there will be pictures!


  1. oh, i hear you.
    home home is always the home that you grew up in. the home with the significant other is "home" in quotes. safe travels tomorrow!

    also, i hate the waxing process too.. but i think i hate the tweezing my esthetician does AFTER she's waxed. know what i mean?

    xx jes

  2. My Spring Break was last week. So I am back at school. :( Have fun though! I will definitely be following you and living vicariously through your break. :) also, I have never heard that song before, but I am probably going to listen to it at least a thousand more times.

  3. I love that song so much!
    also your blog is so cute!
    maybe we can follow each other?