Peep, Please!

I'm a naturally snoopy person, not that I'd go through another woman's purse,
but I am that girl who opens medicine cabinets in bathrooms.
Don't act like you don't do it!

I've seen this done around the blog world before,
so when one of my fave blog friends decided to do a link up with purses...
I thought, why not?!

You, readers should feel blessed.
I am the girl who carries the biggest purse, filled with the most random items.
But, I just switched and went smaller for today (and for the sake of my back)...be glad.
That would've been a long post.

The purse! Lovelovelove mustard yellow!

The goods:

Inhaler: Yes, I am a puffin' nerd. At least it's yellow!
Medicine holder: Full of ibuprofen. I'm prone to headaches.
Dollar store sunglasses: My favorite!
Compassion International letters: Reminders for me to write my little ones back!
Chapstick: For when "my lips hurt real bad."
Notebook: A must. I'm a list person. I can't think or do anything until it's been written down!
Hardee's coupons: Least favorite fast food place, but the only one within 20miles!
Kleenex: I live in a constant state of sickness.
(almost cut off) Bobby pins: My dad always said you could find me anywhere by following the trail of bobby pins!
Blue bag of women items: For when "George" comes to visit. Once a month...
Wallet: Full of everything BUT money.
Keys: Complete with sanitizer and cute house key husband designed for me.

Add some sand (what? I'm not even near a beach!) candy wrappers, and used kleenex's (gross, sorry!) and there you go!
Remember, this does not give you permission to dive right into my purse next time we see each other!


  1. I too have this wallet without money issue ;)

  2. HA HA!! I can honestly say I've never peaked in anyone's medicine cabinet in the bathrooms :)
    LOVE your purse! Seriously... I want :)

  3. hahah thanks for playing!!! i love that you call your monthly "george". mine? i call "pain". and i know how you feel about the chapsticks. and i leave bobby pins everywhere too.

    yay for linking arms :)
    xx jes

  4. Your cute key was the first thing I noticed! I've always wanted to do that but then I forget about it when I'm somewhere I actually could do it... maybe I should start making lists like you. :)

    Thanks for linking up!! :) OH, and I LOVE your yellow bag. Love.

  5. I like your yellow inhaler. And your dollar store sunglasses. And a trail of bobby pins always leads the way to the greatest person ever. I know because I also leave a trail of bobby pins.
    xox Whitney

    p.s. I'm linking arms as well, come poke your nose in my purse, I'll let you. :)

  6. Natalie: I sure wish wallets came with money in them already! Such a good idea! :)

    Jes: Your're welcome! It was fun. Although I did it at work, in my office, with people looking at me weird. :) I just said I was cleaning out my purse. I think they believed me, until I took a picture! :)

    Crystal: You're so welcome! I've seen it done, and finally decided to do one myself! And the key is my favorite! I said I always wanted one a while back, and when we moved, that's the first thing he did! He's good to me! :)

    Whitney: Thank you! And I totally agree about the bobby pins! It's a fact! I will be hopping to your blog right now!

  7. My parents used to say the same thing about me and bobby pins! It is beyond ridiculous how many times I have to buy a whole other pack of those things!

    love your blog :)