Mini Messages

Dear Universal Studios,
You've had my Husband since Sunday. Please give him back now.

Dear Husband,
You've been waltzing around Universal Studios since Sunday. Come back now.

Dear Olive,
I woke up to Bailee howling and you climbing on piles of clothes in the junk room. Somehow you figured out how to open your kennel. You may be smarter than we thought. Let's channel this and use it for good.

Dear Caffeine,
Why must you come packaged in the tastiest things? Grr you.

Dear Hacker,
You have basically ruined my life. Not really, but almost. You have no idea how much I had saved in my inbox. You better hope I get them back, or else...I'll...I'll...cry.


  1. oh, no! i hope that hacker didn't take all of your inbox. i'd cry, too.
    xx jes

  2. you can absolutely share the kony video ! PLEASE DO ACTUALLY!