hutch says {part three}


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To better understand my Hutchy boy, think of a Sour Patch Kid. 

You know, first they're sour, then they're sweet. 

When Hutch is sour...STAY AWAY. He's grouchy and grumpy and wants nothing to do with anyone. (Usually when he wakes up...he gets that from me, I guess.) 

But when Hutch is sweet...OHMYLANTA. There is no sweeter thing in the world. He gushes his love for Mama and Daddy (and even sister!) You cannot leave his room or the house without a million kisses, hugs, and the "I love you" signal in sign language. He will play all day, but always comes over to tell me he loves me. He will be out in the tball field, screaming at me, just so he can throw up the "I love you" sign.


He's funny. Like, he knows when and how a joke will land. The timing, the voice, he's got it all.

Basically, we're in trouble. And I'm in love.

As I walked out in my no-shame-yes-I'm-a-grandma-house-dress....

"Cutie! I love that! I want to snuggle with you on that!"

"Don't step on craps!" (cracks)

Husband: "Hutch, why don't you pray?"

Hutch: "Hmmmmmmmm...How 'bout no."

"Hey! My heart is happy!"

Hutch: "I wanna pee in the trashcan!"

Husband: (as he's lifting him up to the toilet) "No, we pee in the potty."

Hutch: (muttering and pouty, totally devastated) "I wanna pee in the trashcan."

Hutch: "My bottom hurts." 

Me: "I know, let's go fix it."

Hutch: (terrified) "NO! I don't want hammers and screwdrivers on my bottom!"

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