hutch says...

{I'm aways keeping an on-going note in my phone for the funny things Emmerson and Hutch say.}

Hutch is our clown. But, he's the smart kind of funny. At only 3, he understands the importance of tone and timing to land a good laugh. We truly are cracking up at him on the daily. (These particular "funnies" are from when he just started to talk.)

*a little red-headed baby strolls into the store*

"HAHA! Baby Hutch!"

*Screaming at Alexa to stop playing the wrong song*


"Hey. Peace out."

*After I came out of the bathroom*


*Speaking to sister under her door, sent there for time out.*

"Didter, what wrong? Why you crying? Is otay. I be right back, Didter."

"I don't want to be a big boy now. Big boy ew.

Seat belt. Ew.

Breakfast. Ew.

Night Night. Ew."

These few phrases wrap up Hutch in the most perfect way. He's so silly, but also SO sweet...he loves his people well. (Don't get me wrong...he's extra sour. That red hair flairs from time to time.)

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