El Roi

He sees you, right now.
In your struggle.
In your storm.
He is the God who sees you.
He knows your heart,
your desires.
He loves you, unconditionally.
He's never away from you.

El Roi,
the God who sees me.


wilson county fair (a video)

Saturday, Husband and I went to the Wilson County Fair with my Godparents.
I lovelovelove fairs.
And I lovelovelove my Godparents.

So, pretty perfect Saturday if you ask me!


friday favorites (husband edition)

(Husband and friends being meerkats. The usual.)

1 disc golf 2 sleeping in 3 hanging out with friends 4 chicken alfredo from Olive Garden 
5 volleyball 6 ping pong 7 humor 8 super heroes 9 playing with the puppies 
10 and last but certainly not least, I love when my wife tries to be funny.

Happy Weekend!


my thursday nights are... (a video)


(Video from our big sis lil sis reveal party!)


mini messages

How Bailee feels about Mondays.

Dear Husband,
Thank you so much for taking care of me this week. Being at the hospital is super scary, but having you with me makes all the bad go away. I'm sorry for being grumpy (I totally blame the meds.) I thank God every day that you take the "in sickness and health" part of our vows seriously! Let's just stop being sick though, yeah?

Get in my mailbox! I cannot wait to get my life organized. Seriously, few things get me ecstatic like a new planner. And this thing is the holy grail of planners. Nerd alert.

Dear Not-One-But-Two-Jobs,
Woo Hoo! Thanks for showing up at the perfect time, in true God-timing! I am working part-time at an adorable specialty store downtown, along with part-time at our church's preschool, leaving ample time to spend with Husband and my youth girls! Favorite.

Dear Blogger,
Why won't you let me change my font and background color? Rude.

Dear Des,
Pick Chris.

Happy Monday!


saturday day dreams (house edition)

This is the first real house Husband and I have lived in since being married.
It's nothing too fancy, but to us, it's the perfect little place.
I think you have to start out in a shack (no seriously, it was a shack) to appreciate the little blessings
like, doors that don't have gaps (no more towels to keep in the air/keep out the bugs!),
a bathroom actually connected to the house with air/heat (talk about miserable!),
non-stained magenta carpet (hello, beautiful hardwood!),
and actually having a dishwasher! (I mean, there are no fights like "whose turn is it" dish washing fights.)

All this to say, I love our Tennessee abode.
It's been fun to collect and see our home designing grow to give the perfect "so us" feeling.

Here are some day dream wishes for our home that I hope to add...

*Canvases! Wedding, engagement, dating, instagram, etc.
*Chunky knit throw blanket for snuggling

*Corner rack to put out outfits for the week
*Initials for the door

*This one has to wait until we own the house, but I love bold doors/numbers
*Half wooden ladder to hang blankets on

*Key hang by the front door
*Huge leaning mirror

*A collection of old windows
*Fancy ottoman

*Pillows: Reds, Whites, and Greens
*Big, cozy sectional

*Bright red bar stools

Totally looking forward to some yard-saling, antiquing, and maybe even a few DIY's!

Happy Saturday!