this season

I know I'll say this for every season,
but this 2 month old Emmerson is my favorite yet.

As soon as she was born and in my arms, 
I could tell she had such a sweet spirit.
Big eyes looking around at the brand new world
and sweet hands holding on for dear life.
Husband and I have loved seeing that personality get bigger and bigger.

The adorable smiles and genuine giggles.
The observant eyes trying to take in the big world around her.
Sleeping soundly through the night (!!!)
Holding her head up high and strong.
Always choosing to snuggle on Mama's chest over anything else.
Smacking her lips and chewing her fingers.
Recognizing our voices.
Less spitting up, more bubble making.
She loves her music loud 
(full of Barry Manilow and Sandi Patty hits, 
mixed with some Lecrae and broadway musicals...of course!)
Sitting in my lap and watching my shows with me.
Tolerating tummy time like a champ.
Making happy noises and "talking."

She feels everything passionately.
When she's happy...
oh man,
eyes are big, legs and arms are going 100mph.
When she's sad...
oh! It's the end of the world!
Add in her newfound tears and things are that much more pitiful
(and dramatic!)

Some might say she's just like her mama...
(and I'll claim her proudly!)



5:30 am "Good morning, world!" says Emmerson.
aka "Give me my bottle, now!"
6:30 am Husband was off, so this Mama got to go back to sleep!
8:30 am Morning talks with our favorite guy. I swear, the smiles he gets...
9:30 am Olive got a much needed hair cut! Fur babies have been through a lot since the new addition!
10:30 am Washing, washing, washing. All. Day. Long.
11:30 am Lunch time!
12:30 pm Sitting with Mama, looking at Bailee.
1:30 pm Snuggle time!
2:30 pm Amazing Husband took the baby and this Mama got to nap!
3:30 pm Tummy time! Slowly becoming her favorite.
4:30 pm Tidying my favorite room in the house.
5:30 pm Xbox with Daddy. Important training.
6:30 pm Bathtime for this little monkey.
7:30 pm Snuggles part 2: footie pajama edition
8:30 pm Bedtime for little girl.
9:30 pm Bible study with Husband, sleep time with Bailee.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


snow day

Today, we woke up inside a snow globe.
Snow on the ground.
Snow falling from the sky.
Snow! Snow! Snow!
There's been an unusual amount of snow this winter 
and we've yet to get little Emmerson out in it.
But today felt like the snow day.
In our baby bear jacket and yellow boots,
we spent 1.5 minutes enjoying the snowy goodness.
Then back inside to continue snuggling.
('Cause what's a snow day without snuggling?)



Things have changed since Emmerson came into our lives.
Mornings now start around 5:30am (6:30 if we're lucky!)
And for two parents that love sleep, it's been an adjustment.
But there's something so sweet about waking up to a little person that relies on you for everything.
I can't help but smile when I see those big eyes looking up at me from her crib.
We slowly walk into the kitchen to get a bottle, talking about our dreams and the day ahead of us.
We sit on the couch and I watch her eat.
The look of content on her baby face.
Then come the snuggles.
Oh, the snuggles.
My favorite part of any day.
Emmerson lays her head on my chest and her little hands hold tight to me.
Like a teeny tiny hug that has healing powers.
She slowly drifts off to sleep, because she knows her Mama is going to watch over her
and my heart melts for 5438th time.


emmerson update

Next week our little one will be 2 months old.
2. Months. Old.
Whoa there, Father Time!
Slow down!
Emmerson is starting to take in the world around her.
It's my favorite thing to watch her understand life.
These hands! This tongue! The letters above the couch!
The biggest thing these days is her love for her daddy.
I mean, I might as well not even be in the room when Daddy comes home.
Nothing melts my heart more than to see her fall in love with him.
The smiles, oh the smiles he gets!
There's a bond growing there that is so strong and special.
Seeing Brandon add "Father" to his long list of specialties makes me fall in love all over again.
Lucky Husband, having two girls head over heels for him.
We've finally gotten into a routine, little girl and me.
She eats like her mama and sleeps like her daddy.
She's been to church, Target, and our favorite mexican restaurant (twice!)
Little girl is living the life!

Happy Tuesday, guys!