5:30 am "Good morning, world!" says Emmerson.
aka "Give me my bottle, now!"
6:30 am Husband was off, so this Mama got to go back to sleep!
8:30 am Morning talks with our favorite guy. I swear, the smiles he gets...
9:30 am Olive got a much needed hair cut! Fur babies have been through a lot since the new addition!
10:30 am Washing, washing, washing. All. Day. Long.
11:30 am Lunch time!
12:30 pm Sitting with Mama, looking at Bailee.
1:30 pm Snuggle time!
2:30 pm Amazing Husband took the baby and this Mama got to nap!
3:30 pm Tummy time! Slowly becoming her favorite.
4:30 pm Tidying my favorite room in the house.
5:30 pm Xbox with Daddy. Important training.
6:30 pm Bathtime for this little monkey.
7:30 pm Snuggles part 2: footie pajama edition
8:30 pm Bedtime for little girl.
9:30 pm Bible study with Husband, sleep time with Bailee.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

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