hutch says {part four}


Me: Hutch, where are you going? What's wrong?

Hutch: I wanno go cry in hammock.

Honestly, I get it, kid.

Emmerson: Hola!

Hutch: ELSA!

In the car...

But...I want the moon on my side.

Look! That house is coming with us!

Emmerson: Look! That's cool. They put a manger at the hospital!

Me: Yeah! That's cool! Hutch, that's where you were born. Up there!

Hutch: Yeah! In the hay!

I get LOTS of kisses.

I like your mask. It makes my heart so happy. 


Ewwww. You're kissing again and that's yucky.

Sister. You're being so nice to me. It makes my heart so happy!

Seeing a spider hanging down from a web for the first time...



*big exhale*

I can do this.

You got this.

I can walk on walls. 

Here I go.

Full speed runs toward the wall.

He has us laughing preeeeetty much from sun up to sun down. This kid. Man, I love this kid.