emmerson says...(part 2)

"I kiss him on the head. Because I like him. Because he's my best friend."
Her simple, sweet explanation on why she kissed her friend, much to her Daddy's dismay.

"I give Mama kisses because you're my best girl. Not Daddy, because you turned the t.v. off."

"Go play with Hutch, baby. Make him happy."
"No. I don't want to."
"But you love your brother!"
"But, I don't like him that much."

"Daddy. You made me throw up. You make us all throw up."
Husband brought a stomach bug home a couple months ago and she has not let him forget about it.

"Hey! What's the big ole deal?"

"Ah! You scared me! You scared my tummy!"

"Mommy, I don't want lunch. I want dinner."

"Mommy! I can't hear! I got stuff in my ears! My ears are stuffy! Get the stuffy out!"
Driving through the mountains, experiencing her first "ear popping."

"I smell it in my mouth."

"Where are you going, Mommy?"
"I'm going to work, Baby."
"Because Mommy's a teacher now."
"But, but you're a Mommy!"

On the way to the pet store, 
"Maybe there's hippos there. Maybe there's ladybugs. Maybe."

"Mmm. Smells like mustache."

"I have my fast feet on!"

"Ima pew you. Pew, pew!"
Complete with the cutest little finger guns.

"Hutch, you're kinda loud."

"Mama. Mama. Tell me the truth. Where did you get the movies and t.v.?"

"Ooooookay. This is getting heavy on me."

"It smells like Cat in the Hat!"