free at last!

(My sweet caretakers this week.)

Well folks, today was our doctor's appointment.
THE appointment I've been waiting for.

Before I go into the details, I just have to thank a few people.
Let it be known, I have the best friends and church family a girl could ask for.
I had sweet visitors, dinners, and snacks delivered all week!
And to my amazing Husband...
Oh man, you went above and beyond taking care of me while I was on bed rest.
Emmerson and I are lucky, lucky girls.

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for...
(Well, probably not all of you. Maybe 40% of you guys care to know all the details.)
So this is for you 40%!

We found out that I'm measuring a few days ahead.
Every Wednesday is when I "go up" another week.
So, right now, I'm 37 weeks and 2 days. 
(Instead of 36.5 like we thought.)
Taking after her mother and father's baby days,
Emmerson is going to be a big, healthy baby.
Looking about 8 pounds right now.
I'm thinking she's got her Mama's puffy cheeks.
(And I cannot wait to kiss them!)
Slight problem  inconvenience, apparently I have a small pelvis.
Big baby+small pelvis= (possible) labor problems
Which brought up the "c" word.
Not that it's a scary word, people do it all the time!
But, of course, I was hoping for quick, simple labor/delivery (ha!)
Despite the pros and cons that are running through my mind, 
I'm just ready to see my little girl and I don't care how that happens!

Best news of the day?
Blood pressure is normal and this Mama is off bed rest!
Woo Hoo!

Who's taking me out this weekend?!

All this happy news and just in time for Christmas.
My family comes next week and I'm looking forward to the distraction.
I told Husband today, I want to stop waiting for the day Emmerson comes 
and be present in whatever I'm doing.
This could be our last Christmas "just us" and I don't want to wish it away.

Taking things one step at a time.
(Which will take a Christmas miracle because 
I'm a "plan the next 100 steps before I move" kind of girl.)


mini messages

Dear Tiny One,
You're bigger than ever (yet still so small) and moving around like crazy. Makes me smile so big and I know it's what I'll miss most about being pregnant.

Dear Baby Crews,
What do you look like? Will you have dark hair? What color will your eyes be? Dimples? Oh it's the weirdest feeling to be in love with someone you've never "met!"

Dear Daddy's Girl,
I know as soon as he lays eyes on you, I'll have to share a piece of my Husband's heart. I can't wait. Makes my heart swell just thinking about it.

Dear Little Girl,
You have two furry best friends waiting for your arrival. They'll help you crawl and play and snuggle (and maybe even lick, but we'll work on that.)

Dear Emmerson Marie,
You gave us a little scare last week. I know you'll make your appearance when you're good and ready. Maybe let's get to 37 weeks, "full term," (also, my birthday!) Regardless, oh goodness, the world is SO ready for you!


another emmerson update

It seems that we are getting busier and busier the closer we get to baby girl go-time.
'Tis the season!
I'll go ahead and use that as my excuse as to why my updates have been so slim.
Well, get ready folks.
Because this preggo has been put on bed rest.
Which means all the time in the world to write.
(Which also means...probably not going to happen.)

Yes, bed rest.
I was subbing yesterday and began to feel faint.
Heart pounding, head ache forming, "I'm going to pass out right now" feelings.
And super hot.
(But that's a new normal for me.)
So, Husband to the rescue and off to the doctor's we went.
My blood pressure was way high and they sent us to Labor and Delivery to run some tests.
Long story short (I mean, 5 hours later...)
All test were negative to preeclampsia and once I was hooked up to all the machines, 
my blood pressure went back to normal, even super low.
But, since they can't understand why it jumped so high, 
(And I'm almost 36 weeks)
it's bed rest for me.
At least until our next appointment (next Friday.)

Bed rest.
So far, not my favorite.
Usually, I'm a home body.
But that means walking around, doing chores, making crafts, etc.
Not being forced to sit/lie down.
Especially when it's Christmastime!
Don't they know this is THE week of Christmas festivities?!
And our super awesome Axios Christmas party is scheduled for this Thursday.
(Since it's at MY house, I'm probably going to keep that one on the schedule.)
Don't tell.

The great news is that Emmerson is completely fine.
(We heard her hiccups on the monitor yesterday, the cutest.)
And frankly, that's all that matters.
I'll sit in a room by myself and miss Christmas altogether 
if that means my little girl will be okay and in my arms soon!
Thankfully I have two sweet puppy girls and the best caretaker Husband in the world.
And hey!
This just means more time staring at my Christmas tree and watching ABC Family's 25 Day of Christmas.
It's a Christmas miracle!