another emmerson update

It seems that we are getting busier and busier the closer we get to baby girl go-time.
'Tis the season!
I'll go ahead and use that as my excuse as to why my updates have been so slim.
Well, get ready folks.
Because this preggo has been put on bed rest.
Which means all the time in the world to write.
(Which also means...probably not going to happen.)

Yes, bed rest.
I was subbing yesterday and began to feel faint.
Heart pounding, head ache forming, "I'm going to pass out right now" feelings.
And super hot.
(But that's a new normal for me.)
So, Husband to the rescue and off to the doctor's we went.
My blood pressure was way high and they sent us to Labor and Delivery to run some tests.
Long story short (I mean, 5 hours later...)
All test were negative to preeclampsia and once I was hooked up to all the machines, 
my blood pressure went back to normal, even super low.
But, since they can't understand why it jumped so high, 
(And I'm almost 36 weeks)
it's bed rest for me.
At least until our next appointment (next Friday.)

Bed rest.
So far, not my favorite.
Usually, I'm a home body.
But that means walking around, doing chores, making crafts, etc.
Not being forced to sit/lie down.
Especially when it's Christmastime!
Don't they know this is THE week of Christmas festivities?!
And our super awesome Axios Christmas party is scheduled for this Thursday.
(Since it's at MY house, I'm probably going to keep that one on the schedule.)
Don't tell.

The great news is that Emmerson is completely fine.
(We heard her hiccups on the monitor yesterday, the cutest.)
And frankly, that's all that matters.
I'll sit in a room by myself and miss Christmas altogether 
if that means my little girl will be okay and in my arms soon!
Thankfully I have two sweet puppy girls and the best caretaker Husband in the world.
And hey!
This just means more time staring at my Christmas tree and watching ABC Family's 25 Day of Christmas.
It's a Christmas miracle!

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