family week pt.1 (nashville cherry blossom festival!)

My family came to visit our new Tennessee home this past week!
As always, it's never long enough and before I realized it, it was Thursday and they were packed up and ready to go.
But, I loved showing them around our new place
(and taking advantage of Mom's new fancy camera.)
First up, the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival to support our godparents and their pottery.


lacking motivation...

laundry needs to be done.
floors need to be cleaned.
puppies need to be trimmed.
groceries need to be purchased.
guest room needs to be made.
weight needs to be lost.
meaningful posts need to be written.
shower needs to happen.
pajamas need to be taken off.
hair needs to be done.
face needs to be put on.
what I am doing?

I'm on Pinterest.
laughing at things like this,

and this,

and this,


Goodbye GFC,

Google is changing some things up and our nifty side bar will soon be leaving our pages.
I will miss seeing the beautiful thumbnails of my followers, 
thank goodness for bloglovin'!

Please connect with me over there so I don't lose you guys!
(click the button to the left!)

couples disc golf (a video)

If you know my husband, you know his love for disc golf.

If you know me, you know my strong dislike for disc golf.


I sure do love this Tennessee weather
and my awesome friends
and my husband.

(full screen for best effect)


I'm guilty of...

...taking too many pictures of my puppies.
...keeping the entire house super neat, except for our room.
...not replacing the toilet paper roll.
...forgetting to check pockets before laundry (that explains the ink stains on all my favorite clothes.)
...running on the elliptical, only to be able to eat something super unhealthy.
...chopping my bangs off twice a year, only to have a few awkward months of a love/hate relationship.


if I had 496.89 dollars...

Curse you {shopruche.com} for sucking me into your world of pretty things.

Ironically, I just took a load out of the dryer only to find ink all over my favorite clothes.

Where's that $496.89?


these days...

...I've fallen in love with Husband all over again. (I mean, just look at him.)
...I started my new diet/workout. (3 pounds down!)
...I may or may not have had the flu.
...puppy snuggles have been sweeter.
...I've been missing my family something fierce. (2 weeks!)
...friendships have been made stronger.
...I've been having a "How I Met Your Mother" marathon.
...Husband made me blueberry pancakes (my favorite!)

these days have been wonderfully crazy.


March Forth

Today's date is a command.

March forth.

The perfect day for me to start my new lifestyle.

New me,
let's go.