Hi. I'm Lauren.

I felt like I had to introduce myself to the blog world again. It's been forever! I do believe I have a legitimate reason, though. But, nonetheless, I'm sorry to have put this off for so long.

I smile looking at my previous blogs. Especially knowing what I know now! For instance, I was so stressed over school...and guess what? I've done been graduated for a month!

(The use of improper grammar was on purpose, promise.)

I teach middle school Language Arts, I better know how to speak and write correctly! Ah, my job. Yes, I still teach at this wonderful school. No sarcasm there, folks. It's truly been a blessing to have this job. But, God has shown me that this is not where my heart lies.

It's funny how I used to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I have my kindergarten portfolio and I knew even then that I wanted to be a teacher. I attended over 4 years of college as an Elementary Education major and graduated with my AA and BA! But now, I'm not so sure what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have so many ideas in my head, teaching just seems to be the most practical for right now. Maybe I need to get back to the younger ones. Middle school is great and all, but when they're all taller than you and have major attitudes, it's hard to deal with the drama. So, maybe the answer will be found when I start teaching the little ones. Oh, I hope so.

Anyways, back to me and the changes that have been happening! There's been a small addition to my every day apparel. Just a little (actually, not so little) token from my sweet and handsome man. You guys know him, I wrote a special blog just for him! Then, he was my boyfriend. Now, I get to introduce him as my FIANCE! Yes, that's right! I'm engaged! It happened the same day I graduated. Talk about walking on cloud nine! I couldn't have asked for a better proposal, ring, or future husband! Check out the story on our wedding page! (I've been waiting to do one for years!!)


Christmas break was perfect! It started out not so perfect (my flight home was cancelled indefinitely.) I had to be a "big girl" and miss my first birthday and Christmas away from my family! Talk about hard! But, I had Brandon and his sweet family. I enjoyed joining in their Christmas traditions. Especially knowing they're future family to me too! We met my family and spent a week in TN with our close family friends. We saw snow, went sight seeing, made ceramic coffee mugs, and had an impromptu engagement picture session! All in all, it was a wonderful and much needed break. Needless to say, I hated having to wake up before the sun and get back into my "teacher" routine!

Nowadays, my life consists of lists. Well, that's a lie. My life has ALWAYS consisted of lists. I even wrote a lists of things to cover in this very blog! That's bad, isn't it? But, now my lists consist of wedding details. Every single random thought that pops into my head is written down. I've got 135 days to go! The big ticket items can thankfully be crossed off.

Boy? Check.
Parent's approval? Check.
Ring? Check.
Bridal party? Check.
THE DRESS? Check!!!
Photographers? Check.
Invitations? Check.

Now I just have to sort through my little notes and figure out the flowers, decorations for the ceremony, reception site, reception decorations, etc. Hmmm...I'm starting to get a little stressed. I better stop before the anxiety starts. Breathe.

Picture time!

My mom handed me my diploma. It was so special!

My amazing family!

Only a few hours later he became my fiance!

Most amazing moment in my life! So glad our families were there to get pictures!

I was in shock!

First posed engaged picture!

Showing off the bling to his mama!

We went out for yogurt and Chick-Fil-A to celebrate!

A few shots from our engagement shoot in Nashville, TN!

 One of my favorites.

 Can't wait to get this blown up and framed!


 The bling!

My life! :)