We're moving today. To. Day.

So, why am I taking the time to write a blog post, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you.

Because I'm a weirdo who cannot handle the idea of strangers coming into my house, packing all my belongings, and loading them onto a truck.
Even if they are "professionals."
Kind of stresses me out. 
A lot.

That brings me here, to the Hardees down the road.
Sitting in a hard booth, 
freezing to death, 
surrounded by the oldest gentlemen in Graceville.
They have good wifi
and even greater chicken biscuits.

This will be my hide-out until I get the call from Husband telling me all the big, mean, packer-uppers are gone.

Then, we are Tennessee bound. 
Once and for all.

I hope everyone had wonderful-family-friend-awesome-funtimes this Christmas season.

I'll be back later for a fun, traditional bloggy recap of the year 2012.

Until then, enjoy your day and pray that my OCD-control problems don't make me go crazy. 
Or hurt the packer/loaders.


How to Spend Your Christmas Eve Eve...

Put this song on repeat 
(better yet, listen to the Pandora radio station, "She & Him Holiday")

Cuddle your furbabies.

Snuggle with your loved ones.

And breathe.

At least, that's how we're spending it over here.



10 things...

1. It's been raining all day. Which makes it a lot harder to get things done. All I want to do is curl up and read...or watch White Christmas for the 100th time this year.

2. Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. It's also apparently the end of the world. That should be interesting.

3. My birthday is Christmas Eve, but I haven't been still enough to think about it. How old will I be? Oh, and I totally failed on my 24 before 24. I'm ashamed.

4. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in Tennessee.

5. I love unpacking and making house. Love.

6. I don't know that I want to teach forever. There, I said it.

7. I'm addicted to Candy Crush.

8. I'm ready to have a real, sweet, perfect birthday and Christmas with my Husband. The past 2 years we have been moving. Not fair at all.

9. Can I have snow?

10. We need a bigger bed. Apparently I kicked Husband out last night. He was on the floor when I woke up this morning. Sorry, Handsome.


Dear Handsome,

Our life got crazy real fast. With 2 job offers, multiple road trips, and searching for the perfect house (all in the past 3 weeks), I believe we completely skipped over the fact that you finally graduated. I'm so proud of you, Handsome. I know it was hard and at times, seemingly "useless," but you did it. I know it took longer than expected, but if you had stayed with it and didn't take as long...you would have been gone before I even got there and we never would have met. So, that makes it okay with me. You stuck with it and I know it was to better our future. With the sleepless nights studying, the hours of writing, and the dates missed due to school... I feel as though that degree is just as much mine! But you deserve it 100%. These next couple of days are going to be unbelievably stressful. Packing up one house and moving to a different state (throw in my birthday and Christmas somewhere) is crazy and exciting. There's no one else I'd rather have by my side though. You stress me out but calm me down. You make me frustrated but bring such laughter. You're both ridiculous and perfect. I'm sorry I've let life get to me, to us. 
Like you always tell me, "We're in this together, Beautiful." 
I believe you, Handsome. 
And I thank you. 


the time has come...

You guys remember (this post), right?
Where I was eagerly awaiting December 7, 2012?
That time has come and gone 
and it did not disappoint.
The day after Husband's graduation, 
we road-tripped up to the beautiful state of Tennessee.
After staying the weekend, 
falling in love with the environment, 
and praying super hard...

God finally revealed his plan.

A full-time youth pastor position.

At an amazing church.

In beautiful Murfreesboro, TN.

I'm finally getting my mountains. 


just a car ride...

Road trips are the best.
Especially with my little family.

*Please note: Husband is the super-duper-est driver I know.
Therefore, he can dog dance and drive.
Please do not try this at home.


Christmas House!

This little tree is very special to us. I bought it for Brandon when we were dating, so his "bachelor pad" could have some Christmas cheer. And on my graduation day in 2010, he proposed to me, hiding my ring in that little brown box. Now, our little tree is home to our special ornaments and of course that little brown box!



Salvation through Christ. puppies. family. laughter. boots. scarfs. teaching. marriage.
snuggling. scary movies. food. musicals. christmas. pennants. glass bottles.
makeup. haircuts. baggy clothes. dr. pepper. mexican food. leggings. swimming pools.
shopping. presents. pictures. coloring. phones. blogging. festivals. lights. our little house.
babies. Husband. in-loves. cards. road trips. board games. parades. pizza. candles.
text messages. memories. home videos. future.

What are you thankful for?

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, guys!


We went to Texas!

The Crews' family packed up and headed to Texas!
It was definitely a "yee haw" time!

The hotels were booked, so they had to put us up in a bed in breakfast. 
It truly was a sacrifice, but I somehow survived. 
Maybe it was my sweet husband serving me breakfast in bed at a bed and breakfast.

We got to see the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon. 
Such an unexpected sight to see in the middle of flat lands!

 Of course, no trip to Amarillo is complete without seeing the "Cadillac Ranch!"
We even found some paint cans and got to tag a few.

To say that it was slightly windy would be an understatement!

I have to say, the best part of coming home is having our little family together under one roof.

Happy Thanksgiving week, from us to you!