Mini Messages

(We have a tradition to buy t-shirts for each other when we visit somewhere new. The key is to find the tackiest one you can. During our honeymoon, without meaning too, we picked the same one! We both won.)

Dear Weight,
Husband lost you, but no fear, I found you.

Dear Honeymoon,
I miss you!

Dear Chrimma Bush,
You fill our little shack with such warm fuzzies. Why can't I leave you up all year round, again?

Dear Husband,
Thank you for letting me be a complete nerd. Bonus, thanks for loving me for it, too!

Dear Bailee Bear,
You're the cutest ball of white fur I've ever known. My very own snuggly little polar bear (...um, puppy.)


My Thankful List

-my hottie of a husband
-the 8 little paws in my house
-our love shack
-my crazy wonderful family
-mexican food
-bubble baths
-cold weather
-messy hair
-babies dancing
-hearing my parents sing
-Turner Classic Movies
-God's Word
-homemade pizza
-down comforters
-my wedding rings
-being a newlywed(being married, period!)
-puppy hiccups

I hope everyone of you had an amazing day with your loved ones!

Can we say, nap time?!


Mini Messages

Wreath I made for our little shack door using leftover wedding materials.

Dear Christmas,
All of a sudden the world has caught up with me in my excitement for you. I'm a true fan. Celebrate all year long, I do!

Dear Future,
I love you. I'm beyond excited for what's to come. I just want to scream! (More details to come later!)

Dear Olive,
You seem to be growing the "miniature" right out of you. What happened to my little baby girl?

Dear Florida Winter,
I hate you. It may be 90 degrees outside right now, but I'm still rocking the boots and scarves. Take that.

Dear Husband, 
Can you believe it's almost been 6 months since we said "I do"? We've made this little shack a home. And I love it.


I'm alive...


Due to recent circumstances, we haven't had internet at our house for about a month.

I physically miss blogging and reading about your lives!

I shall return.

P.S. Don't write about anything too interesting while I'm gone!