emmerson update

Next week our little one will be 2 months old.
2. Months. Old.
Whoa there, Father Time!
Slow down!
Emmerson is starting to take in the world around her.
It's my favorite thing to watch her understand life.
These hands! This tongue! The letters above the couch!
The biggest thing these days is her love for her daddy.
I mean, I might as well not even be in the room when Daddy comes home.
Nothing melts my heart more than to see her fall in love with him.
The smiles, oh the smiles he gets!
There's a bond growing there that is so strong and special.
Seeing Brandon add "Father" to his long list of specialties makes me fall in love all over again.
Lucky Husband, having two girls head over heels for him.
We've finally gotten into a routine, little girl and me.
She eats like her mama and sleeps like her daddy.
She's been to church, Target, and our favorite mexican restaurant (twice!)
Little girl is living the life!

Happy Tuesday, guys!

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