mini messages

How Bailee feels about Mondays.

Dear Husband,
Thank you so much for taking care of me this week. Being at the hospital is super scary, but having you with me makes all the bad go away. I'm sorry for being grumpy (I totally blame the meds.) I thank God every day that you take the "in sickness and health" part of our vows seriously! Let's just stop being sick though, yeah?

Get in my mailbox! I cannot wait to get my life organized. Seriously, few things get me ecstatic like a new planner. And this thing is the holy grail of planners. Nerd alert.

Dear Not-One-But-Two-Jobs,
Woo Hoo! Thanks for showing up at the perfect time, in true God-timing! I am working part-time at an adorable specialty store downtown, along with part-time at our church's preschool, leaving ample time to spend with Husband and my youth girls! Favorite.

Dear Blogger,
Why won't you let me change my font and background color? Rude.

Dear Des,
Pick Chris.

Happy Monday!

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