gtkY: My Husband

To continue in Husband's birthday week, I decided to dedicate today's gtkY to him! Being the super amazing guy that he is, he has always supported my little blog fetish and I got him to answer these silly question. I know basically everything about him and I am already madly in love, so here is your chance to get to know the "boy" from "boy loves girl." Just promise you won't fall in love, he's taken.

What is your name? (Or what do you wish you were named) I like my name. And it's kind of hard to think of my name being different. But if I had to change it, I would change it to Sir. Then noone could ever disrespect me again!
When is your birthday? February 1, 1985
Name 3 jobs you’ve had in your life. I worked for Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Florida. I have been a youth pastor for many years. And now my full time job (besides being a college student) is Husband. And yes, this counts as a job. Well probably more like a career. It's not like I want to get out of it.
If you could have ANY job, what would you do? If I could have any job ever I would start my own ministry called "Fire By Night." We would go all over blowing kids minds with the truth of God's word in awesomely applicable ways.
What are you most afraid of? I'm really not afraid of much. I mean, I don't like snakes or spiders but what real man does?! In all honesty, I'm not afraid of the dark...I'm afraid of what's waiting to get me in the dark.
What was your favorite item as a child? My G.I. Joe men. They went everywhere with me. Even when it was bath time, the Joes had water missions and fights that made them join me in the tub. Those were the best.
What are 3 movies you could watch over and over? In no particular order: A Goofy Movie (coolest movie ever) Hook (I want to think happy thoughts and fly too!) I Am Number Four ( I love movies with supernatural abilities and powers.)
Your dream vacation would be… I would love to go to Scotland or Ireland, because I love the movie P.S. I Love You...NOT!!! I want to go there because I love their accents and I would walk around there eating my bowl of Lucky Charms. 
Must have snacks? I love me some Swiss Cake Rolls and Mike and Ikes. Then I wash them down with a nice cold Mountain Dew.
Do you eat the stems of broccoli? I don't know what broccoli is.
Favorite ice-cream? Plain chocolate ice cream is the best ever! 
Favorite day of the week? Friday would be my favorite day of the week because I have all weekend to do college homework and I love doing homework soooooooo much.
What do you do most often when you are bored? I don't really ever get bored. Being bored is a personal problem. It means you are not mentally capable of keeping yourself entertained. I am way good at entertaining myself with randomness.
What is your favorite board game? My favorite board game would have to be Cranium. It's just so funny to watch people do stupid stuff, including myself.
Favorite smell? My favorite smell is my wife. I don't mean that in a weird stinky way. I mean that in the way that a wolf can smell the pheromones from from a female and know who she is. That makes it totally ok.
What’s under your bed? Under my bed is whatever my wife puts under there. It's usually our two dogs chasing each other, running under there. Well I guess there is that raccoon that lives down there.
Which useless superhero power do you wish you possessed? Well I love candy. Like a lot. I'm a little kid when it comes to sweets. So maybe if I could create my own candy in my hands, then that would be very beneficial...or at least for me it would, but I could make this place a little sweeter. (You see what I did there?!)
If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? Lecrae. He is alive now and is the best Christian rapper ever. I know if we met, he would ask me to go on tour with him and rap with him. I could go by the stage name of CandyMan and could constantly create sugary goodness as I rapped and throw it out to the crowd. That would be BALLIN'!!!

There you have it, ladies and (maybe some) gentlemen! MY husband, inside and out. We definitely have the nerd thing going for us. Tomorrow's the day! I'm off to work up something good!

P.S. To catch a small glimpse of why Husband is beyond amazing, check out the surprise blog he posted a while back. Swoon!


  1. You guys are too cute!

    I forgot about "Fire by Night" until I read it and then I remembered learning about it at Richard Coe's house.

    If you guys haven't gone yet, ask Brandon to take you ghost hunting around Graceville. It's super fun!

    Happy Birthday and may the Lord use both of you to point people to Him!