Joy Filled Friday

1 Beauty and the Beast 3D (I normally hate 3D movies, but I will not pass up a chance to see my favorite movie in theaters.) 2 Cooking with Husband. 3 Big Macs. 4 When my bangs finally reach the perfect length.(even though it takes 2 weeks and they're too long 1 week later.) 5 Finally unpacking boxes and watching them burn (Husband and Brother like bonfires.) 6 Answering phones at work all professional-like. 7 Lazy days at home with Husband. 8 Boy Meets World re-runs. 9 Filling out forms. 10 Hearing and watching old people sing and dance.


  1. You'll have to tell me how Beauty and the Beast 3D is. I'm debating whether or not to see it =)

  2. I will! I hate 3d usually, but I just can't not see it! I'm really hoping it doesn't ruin it for me!