gtkY: Scribbles n' Things

Today's gtkY is Natalie from Scribbles n' Things! Natalie is a college student and book nerd, just like me! No shame. Over on her blog you see first and foremost that she is a fellow believer in Christ. Her insight on scripture sometimes has me feeling like I'm ready a Bible study. So awesome! Along with fun recipes, pictures, and love for her future, you are sure to fall in love with her!

1.     Why did you start your blog? Hmm… you know honestly I can’t really remember why I started blogging. At the time I wasn’t on Myspace, Facebook or any other social media site, but I had family who blogged. I guess one day I got bored enough to start one. But, I know that I blog now as a way to keep family and friends up to date with my life, share my faith and how I’m growing in that, to make new friends, and to have a creative outlet.
2.     What is your name? (Or what do you wish you were named?) Natalie, which usually translates to something along the lines of Christmas child or Merry Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas. I really like my name so I have no clue what other name I’d pick if given the choice, but I know some of the runner-ups my parents picked out were Rosalind and Gabriella.
3.     When is your birthday? September 14
4.     Name 3 jobs you’ve had in your life: Babystitting, babystitting, and babysitting. At least those are the only ones where there was payment in the form of money.
5.     If you could have ANY job, what would you do? Wedding/Event Coordinator or a Creative Director.
6.     What are you most afraid of? Hmm… there’s a lot… heights, snakes, clowns…
7.     What was your favorite item as a child? Stuffed bunnies. I have no idea why.
8.     What are 3 movies you could watch over and over? While You Were Sleeping, You’ve Got Mail, and pretty much any Jane Austen movie will do.
9.     Your dream vacation would be… Easy. A Trip to the UK, but I’d have to drag other people with me since I don’t like traveling alone.
10.     What are 3 websites you visit daily? Blogger to usually post and read other blogs, Facebook, and My e-mail. And Pintrest. Pintrest is addictive.
11.     Must have snacks? Chips with guacamole or salsa, hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie or brownies, or fruit.
12.     Go-to outfit and hair? Always dark wash jeans, some feminine/pretty top, heels or boots depending on the weather, and hair… whatever I feel like that day.
13.     Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Nope.
14.     Favorite ice-cream? Haagen-Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It’s. Divine.
15.     Favorite day of the week? Either Friday or Sunday
16.      What do you do most often when you are bored? Um… Pintrest and work on future blog posts if I have an idea, or watch old episodes of Iron Chef and Chopped.
17.     What is your favorite board game? Recently it’s been Ticket to Ride.
18.     Favorite smell? There are so many! Cinnamon, vanilla,  fresh coffee, roses, lilacs, new books, homemade pasta sauce bubbling on the stove, brownies or cookies in the oven, and Balsam.
19.     What’s under your bed? Dust bunnies
20.     Which useless superhero power do you wish you possessed? Honestly, I can’t think of a superhero power that would be useless.
21.     If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? OooO! This is such a hard question! The one person alive I cannot say since it’s a secret ;) But dead person… Probably C.S. Lewis.

Thank you, Natalie! And don't forget to check her out: Scribbles n' Things!


  1. Thanks so much for letting me join in the blog sharing fun Lauren! =D

  2. hmmm. i wonder who the one person alive she'd like to meet is.... lol.
    sweet post!! :)