spring break...

(Honeymoon! Our first...and latest...road trip!)

...is so much fun to plan.

especially when you have a guaranteed hot travel buddy.

like I do.

cruise? theme park? road trip?


I'm overwhelmed.

in a good way.

a really, really good way.

once we finalize the plans, you KNOW I'll let you all in.

(let the savings beginnnn!)


  1. Sounds like allota fun, fun, fun!

  2. I highly recommend a CRUISE!They're the best!

  3. Cruise is definitely the most romantic idea to spend honeymoon... highly recommended! Hope you have a lovely time together as newly weds! Following your blog. Hope you can visit mine and follow too. :)


  4. Natalie: I am having way to much fun!

    Rachel: We are probably going to do a small trip for Spring Break and then a cruise for our anniversary! I'm excited! It'll be my first one!

    Cherry: We spent a week in a log cabin for the honeymoon, I'm excited about doing a cruise for our one year!

    Jennifer: I think I'm having more fun planning! I have about 3 options, now to decide! :)