when i'm home alone, my life becomes a musical...

...but when there's company
I keep it inside.
Not just because they'd give me funny looks,
but they don't know
all the words and dance moves.
They'd totally ruin everything Olive, Bailee, I create.

It's Monday!
I don't know about yours,
but this Monday was fantabulous
for me and mine.
Husband started school (again)
We're shooting for finishing this year!
I had funtimes at work.

And now pictures....

Our first real dinner in the new house?
Steaks on the Foreman.
With Mac and Cheese.
Velveeta of course.
And Ranch.
For me.
Of course.

Tomorrow is our next gtkY! Check back and see who's next!


  1. Thank you! Anthropologie! I love it so much, I want to wear it all the time! Baha.