DIY: Flowy Tank

My husband has a huge collection of t-shirts.
I mean, 100s.
I already made him an extra large t-shirt quilt,
and there's still enough left to make 4 or 5 more.

I love stealing his shirts and wearing them around the house,
so I guess I don't mind too much.

Some are really soft,
really cool,
and never worn.

Like I said in my last DIY (seen here)
I always have the urge to cut clothes.
I decided to take one of my favorite Husband shirts and make a cute tank top out of it.

Luckily for you (maybe?)
I remembered the camera!
Here we go!

Items needed: t-shirt (perferably one 2-3 sizes too big), chalk (optional), scissors
1) flatten shirt on table or floor

2) Cut out neck line, sleeves, and bottom. (I chalked my lines before cutting.)
3) Cut off hem from the bottom of the shirt (we will use it later.)

4) Hang shirt on fingers, making sure the seams are on top. The front of the shirt facing away from you.
5) Grab both straps a few inches form the seams. 

6) Using the hem line we cut off in step 3, tie a knot around the straps, on the back of the shirt.
7)Finish of with a bow! (You might want to glue with fabric glue, or stitch the bow directly onto the shirt.)

8) Finished product! Front. Husband was busy playing xbox, so you get the dirty mirror Myspace picture.
9) Back. After a hundred failed attempts to get the back of the shirt on my own, I had to call for assistance.

I really loved this shirt on it's own, 
but it was entirely too big to wear out in public.
It's the super soft fabric and I'm excited to wear it more!
Although, it's a little too low and revealing in the back for my taste... 
(note: don't cut so much off the sleeves.)
This will still be worn around the house, bike riding, around the pool, etc.

Have fun!


  1. That is an awesome shirt!! You did a great job :)

    So...check out my blog--I nominated you for a bloggy award :)

  2. I absolutely love this and totally want to make my own!! Off to raid the husband's side of the closet -which has more clothes than mine so it only seems fair :)