Mini Messages

Dear Sunshine,
Could you turn it down a notch? I'd like to actually enjoy my time outside.

Dear Sims 3,
Because of you, I understand the bond between a guy and his games. I'm also glad I figured out how to get married without having to "woo hoo." It's totally possible.

Dear Summer,
I won't let the sun ruin our love for each other.

Dear Pool,
I need you. Stat.

Dear Mickey Mouse,
Can I please live with you and Minnie? I promise to feed and play with Pluto...


  1. Seriously!! I'm actually craving some clouds and rain. It's just so hot this summer!

  2. Amen about the sun. I'd love a few more clouds these days!

  3. Oh man. It's so bad! I was outside playing disc golf with some friends, and I was overheated, about to faint, with a major headache...after only being outside for a little over an hour! Ridiculous. Baha.