joys and things.

(Late Night Bike Rides are back! With hats! Pictured: Brother, Catron, Me, Husband)

It's Friday. Although, when you have a job that allows you to be off during the summer, all weeks seem like weekends. But, Husband still works and that's what keeps me on track. Here are some of my joys to start the weekend off!

1 waking up to Husband kissing me goodbye before he leaves for work 2 a clean house 3 scary movies- I love to hate them 4 Pottermore.com 5 re-reading my favorite books 6 Husband telling me he can tell I've lost weight- instantly makes me feel like I've lost 50 pounds 7 finally trying sushi- not so bad after all! 8 newly printed pictures 9 phone calls from family with news of unexpected road trip to visit 10 chalkboard paint- if I had it may way, I'd probably paint the entire house with it. 

and now, a few random ramblings...

I've been playing Sims3 for...ever. I've loved the Sims games since they came out way back when. Of course, I'm a fan of the less raunchy types. I just love games that have story lines that I can control control. (Before Sims, it was The Game of Life. Still a favorite, actually played it last night!) Anyways, as of late, I seem to be playing Sims non-stop. I started with a girl, who reached her lifetime goal, got married, then died. Husband lived, remarried, had a baby, reached his lifetime goal, and died. New wife lived, reached her lifetime goal, died. Baby grew up, reached his lifetime goal, got married, had a baby. Now, I'm a couple generations into the game, I own half of Sim town, I have the coolest house, and I'm loaded.
I'm a nerd.
What's worse is I now think of the world around me as a great big Sims game. For example, when your Sims is talking to someone and they get hurt or offended, a red minus sign appears above their head. When they are talking and enjoy the person, a blue plus sign appears. The other day, I was talking to the other house dwellers and I kept imagining a blue sign above my head when I was happy, and a red sign when I didn't like their conversation. Another example, throughout the game, wishes will appear on the screen. Most are opportunities that will help your career, friendships, etc. You can either accept or decline the wishes. Yesterday, I saw an ad at a restaurant for a political complaining meeting and I promptly "declined" the wish. I think I might have a problem.

We still don't have any wedding pictures printed. Not even a wedding album. Sort of depressing.

I had an amazing dream the other night. I think the best ones are ones that portray real life problems, and allow you to react in ways you normally wouldn't. In this particular dream, I was finally able to stand up to a former "bully, hater, loser, drama-maker, meanie, etc" and I tore into her. It was like my minds way of letting it all out. I woke up feeling like I won the lottery. I sure told her!

I wish fingernails grew colored. No more painting. No more keeping up. Perfect.

Within the next month, Husband and I could receive information that will change our lives. It's like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, every single night. Patience is a weak point for me.

I'm having serious hair ADD. Usually, every 6 months I change it up. Cut it short, layers, highlights, etc. But, I've been growing out my hair for almost 2 years now and I'm fighting the urge. I love my long hair. I want it longer. I also loved my short hair. Oh, man. I need to change the subject.

Another urge I'm fighting is to put the Christmas tree up. Right now. I know, I know. Crazy, right? I just get so much joy from the Christmas season, I want it year round. The lights, music, trees, ornaments, books, cards...swoon. I asked Husband if I could, you can guess his response.
Hint: I have to wait.

As if this post hasn't convinced you I'm a complete nerd already and you should leave now, let's just talk about Pottermore, shall we? Oh, man. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, books and movies, then you have got to try it out. It an online experience that takes you through each chapter of the books, allowing you to become a part of the story. I  received my letter from Hogwarts, visited Diagon Alley, got all my school supplies, picked up an Owl, my wand chose me, and I was sorted into the Hufflepuff House. It's basically amazing. Filled with behind the scene information from author J.K. Rowling. So cool.

I better quit while I'm ahead, and maybe even post something cool before the weekend is over....

Happy Weekend!


  1. You are so funny, girl. I literally laugh out loud while reading your blog!! Love it. :)

  2. Bah I need to check out Pottermore!! I'm having serious HP withdrawals over here.

    Don't feel bad--we got married over a year ago, and we still don't have an official wedding album. It's such a time consuming task.

    I'm so with you on wishing nails grew painted--they are so hard to maintain, especially when you work with your hands every day.

    And although I'm not fighting the urge to put up a Christmas tree just yet, I love everything about the season too! It is such a fun, joyful time of the year!

    Happy weekend!



  3. Oh my... I just CAN'T handle scary movies!!
    And we've been married for over 4 years and I still haven't put together a wedding album! The only pictures we have printed are the ones we used for the reception... so sad!

  4. Okay first of all...

    1.OMG!!!My life is changed!Thank you so much for letting me in on the secret that is Pottermore!I've been on MuggleNet and it's just not what I was hoping for!Yay for fellow HP nerds!

    2.We only have 3 pictures developed from our wedding and it was accidental...very,very sad.

    3.CHRISTMAS!I've been thinking about it all month which is so sad being that just a few days ago was the first day of Summer.Why can't every year alternate between Fall and Winter,because being honest,I start celebrating in September! ;)

  5. Fingernails should grow colorful! I don't mind painting my nails, it's taking nailpolish off that I hate.

    And my hair problem is that I want long hair but I completely lack the patience to grow it out, so I cut it short every four or five months...