just call me alicia keys

You know those times when you've been doing something for a while and no one notices?
But then a huge celebrity does it and the world bows down?
Just me?

Ok well, I have been makeup free longer than Alicia Keys has and I sure haven't blown the media up.
Not that I've ever done anything that grabbed the media's attention.
You know like, win a million Grammys.

But that's beside the point.
I'm actually not sure WHAT the point is, except I've stopped wearing as much makeup and so has she and we should be best friends.

Wait, that's not the point either.

For me, it's about feeling comfortable in your own skin.
I used to never, ever leave the house without my face on.
But why?
It was a mask.
I bought the lie that I was only beautiful to the world if I covered what God naturally gave me.

It kind of started when Emmerson was born, I didn't wear anything on my face.
For weeks and weeks.
While that was more out of laziness and I didn't exactly enjoy how I looked, it just didn't matter the most.

Now that's she's older and I'm out of the house more, I struggle with the whoooooole makeup routine.

Simplifying is my key to less stress.
I simplified our house decor.
(less cleaning)
My clothes.
(less laundry)
Emmerson's toys.
(less clutter)
Our dishes.
(less cleaning)
And my makeup.
(get ready faster and out the door quicker and happier.)

If I wear any make up at all, it's only 2 maybe 3 things.
(Powder, blush, mascara. Blush optional.)
I walk out of the house feeling fresh and confident.
Which is really what it all comes down to.
Do what sparks your joy.
Makeup isn't of the devil and it IS fun to get all dolled up.
But don't use makeup as a mask.
Find your true beauty.
Love yourself at your most vulnerable (sans makeup.)
And let that shine.*

*I've been told that I look better these days (sans makeup) and that means so much more to me. I've got joy. His joy. And that shines through more than makeup ever can. I smile for Him and that's all I need.

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