the red shirt journey (week 1)

Last week I told you guys about my favorite red shirt and the beginning of my weight loss journey.
I received the sweetest outpour of encouragement from friends online and in person.
What a relief to get my struggle out in the open and in turn realize I'm not alone!

After hours of research and Pinterest-ing (because it's the female Google) I decided that the Paleo lifestyle was the one that made the most sense for me.
I want to use this space to hold myself accountable and keep track of progress (and setbacks, because I am human...with strooooong cravings.)

This past week:
I lost 1.5 pounds.
and ___ inches.
(I forgot/didn't know how to measure inches last week. I'm on it now.)

I'll admit, I was super discouraged when I stepped on the scale this morning.
But, that number 1) doesn't define my joy for today and 2) was the result of ONLY eating well-ish.
The importance of exercise, y'all.
I officially became a member at my local gym and will start working out on Monday!
One of my sweetest friends will be my gym buddy/accountability partner.
We are working out 5 days a week.
And help me Lord, because we're doing it at 6:30 in the AAAAAAM.

Food Journal:
Because we're working on being better budgeters, I wanted to eat what we had in the house before grocery shopping.
SO, it was a tough week.
I held strong for the most part, but there were moments of desperation and I needed a bite (or two) of Emmerson's grilled cheese.
That's the toughest to live without.
What's Mexican food without cheese?
Who's Lauren without Mexican food?
I found a Paleo friendly cheese alternative...yeah...we'll see how that goes.
The biggest help this week was having someone to text my meals to.
Before I ate anything (and I mean anything!) I texted her.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
She did the same to me and there were plenty of times that her text encouraged me to make a better choice!
Thursday I finally went grocery shopping.
I spent hours the night before finding recipes, making lists, and dividing them up (ya know, so the fresh stuff stays fresh.)
I was super adulting.
Thursday night was steak and bacon wrapped asparagus.
Friday was left overs (yep, I actually ate leftovers. I find using the oven to re-heat works WAY better) and some grilled chicken for dinner.
Tonight I'm trying a new recipe and I promise I'll tell you if it changed my life or not.

-No cheese
-Waking up early to work out
-I'm not a cook, so this whole recipe/fresh food thing is a foreign concept to me.
-Not weighing myself every.single.morning.
-Combating the munchies.
-Drinking water

For those following along, how'd this week go for you?
I'm excited for next week, workouts planned, and recipes ready!

Here we go!

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