tuesday letters

Dear Jesus,
Can we make Chick-Fil-A Paleo? Like, forgive all the frying and carbs and just bless it on its way down to my belly? And all God's people said, "amen."

Dear Ankle,
Get your junk together. I mean, really. You feel almost perfect...but you look pitiful. Purple is not my color. You're fine. Quit it.

Dear Brother and Murray,
Just move to Arkansas. Emmerson really, really misses her uncle and aunt. You gonna let that sweet baby down? Just retire and live in our house forever.

Dear Emmerson,
You were so precious today at the library. It was our very first "toddler time" and you rocked it! I love how shy you get, observing all the people and noises... you get that from me. But oh! When they brought out the cow picture! All the heart eyes with that little "moo." Oh, your sweet, sweet heart is my favorite.

Dear Y'all,
All of you reading, from Facebook to face-to-face, Instagram and wherever else, thank you. You have been so encouraging to me. This is a new season for me and I'm choosing to open my heart and let you all in. Thank you for holding it so carefully and speaking truth over my life.

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