tuesday letters

Dear Lavaca,
Thank you. Thank you for literally everything. Brandon, Emmerson, and I have been blessed to call you family from the minute our plane landed. My heart came to you dry, and deserted, but God has used y'all to breathe life back into me. From cleaning to painting to passing smiles and opening your homes, you have no idea what healing has begun in me. Thank you.

Dear Emmerson,
Lay back down. I see you. Acting like your 1 hour nap was plenty long. I have news for you. It's not. So, grab your fox and giraffe, cover yourself back up, and close your eyes. Mama lives for nap time. Kloveyoubye.

Dear dwell,
Eeeeek! It starts tonight! I am so ready to pour into these sweet girls and I pray that God is heard and He uses me to love on them. I hope I'm not too excited, as to scare you or think I'm uncool. I'm super cool, super chill about this. Totally kidding. I'm a hot mess and I can't wait to get to know your hot messes as well.

Dear Bailee and Olive,
I never thought the day would come, but I'm officially over you both. You've been way too needy and clingy since Emmerson arrived and I just.can't. with your drama (ehem...Bailee) Olive, you're not that bad and we all know you're my favorite, but you don't let Emmerson love you like she wants to. I mean, she just wants to lay her entire 30 pound body on your 10 pound body. And pull your ears. And put you in a chokehold hug you. Come on! I'm secretly searching for an older, bigger, fluffier (still non-shedding) dog to take your place. (But if I'm honest I'll be devastated when they're gone. Not like too sad, like, normal sad. I kid. I kid. Maybe.)

Dear Emmerson (again),

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