Blank Pages

I've always started different journals. I have a strange obsession with the idea of buying a new one. Rarely do they get completely full. Not that I stop writing, but I simply find another one to start filling.

I love having a blank page, ready to fill, and always struggle with how or where to start.

This is another attempt at finishing a journal. Another blank page to fill with the random-ocity that is my mind. Since this is the first entry (of hopefully many), I'm dedicating it to...well, myself.

Here are some things about me, some you may know, others probably not. They are in no order of importance. It's just a "getting to know you" type of entry.

1. I'm entirely too poor for the lifestyle I want. I'm learning that now that I have my "big girl" job. But, I'm also absolutely blessed and grateful because I have been given everything for the lifestyle I need.

2. Being a vegetarian is something I've always wanted to pursue. I think I could do it, except the chicken. Chick-fil-A and Zaxby's are too good to me. Chickens aren't very cute, I can live with eating them on my conscience.

3. I'm a list person. I live and go by lists, all day, every day. My planner is my life and without it, I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be doing.

4. I love music. I love to hear it, sing it, write it, and play it. I'm learning guitar but would like to be amazing over night.

5. I teach 6-8 grade Language Arts. I'm mistaken as a student ALL the time. The Lord has blessed me with this job, but has also shown me my heart is with the little ones.

6. I love Christmas. Every little thing about it. The sights, smells, sounds, everything. It honestly is the most wonderful time of the year.

7. I have my very own knight in shining armor. He fought in pursuit for me and broke down many walls. He's a keeper.

8. I'm a big eyelash person. I'll spend an hour getting ready (clothes, hair, and all) and about 25% of that time is spent on my mascara. It's an odd thing I've been doing since I've worn makeup.

9. I have a bad case of comparing. I tend to compare myself to others. Although, instead of doing it to make myself feel or look better, it's always done in a way that I'm the lesser of the two.

10. I'm most thankful that God created taste buds. I LOVE food. But, how would I know what it tastes like without my taste buds? Taste. Buds. Mmmhmm.

11. I've never cared to much for football. I was always an FSU fan just because I'm a Daddy's girl and he "cheered" for them. But, after being with Brandon and his family for so long, I've decided to become a Gator. Brandon bought me my first shirt and all. Now, it's official.

12. Words are such a marvelous thing. That fact that you can put them in order to make such profound statements just blows my mind. Words can be beautiful, sad, angry, heartfelt, etc. I love the feeling when I hear a quote that puts what I'm feeling in the perfect perspective. That's why lyrics are so special to me. I just love words.

13. I love the mountains and everything that comes with them. The altitude, the weather, the trees, the snow... I WILL inhabit them once more!

14. I have a terrible memory. It's only gotten worse with age and I'm only 21!

15. I love my family, friends, etc. But, I'm really working truly loving unconditionally. To love someone even when they don't meet my conditions. It's been a challenge...but God has given me great practice!

Well, this is (sort of ) me in  a nutshell. There is more about me, but I wasn't feeling creative enough to think of "unique qualities."

I'll be back soon.

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  1. Lauren, love the blog. Glad you decided to become a Gator.