insert catchy title.

today is thursday. ive been sick quite a lot lately. more than usual. im tired of it. my students got tired of the sub and wrote me a sweet message. it was on facebook. i wont add them as my friends until theyre out of my classes. too weird. it said:

Hey Miss Wegmann,
We've all been praying for you. We need you back cause the substitutes are starting to get on my nerves. Get better really soon....like tomorrow soon:)

theyd have a ball reading this entry, seeing how im not capitalizing or using correct punctuations. i just dont want too. so i wont. ha! (i do have to admit, it takes longer for me to resist the urge to use the "shift" key.) but im strong.

ive been all kinds of busy.
wedding coming up.
Bible studies.
sick days.
little random things.

im ready for a lot. im ready for too much. im ready too much. im so ready for what will happen, i forget and look past whats happening now. i want the end result. patience. ouch. that hurts.

i want to be mrs. crews.
i want to be healthy. for a long time. like, at least a month.
i want to have my "ideal" job.

i also want to live in north carolina and get a bigger dog. but those are way way down the line.

well, folks, that's all.
next time itll be more important. and ill capitalize. and use punctuation marks.


  1. I'm happy to see that you are using writing to express your feelings, daughter of mine! You so eloquently wrote about your life. . . and I love you for admitting that you are struggling!

    Know that, as I prayed for the "8th grade you" before the first day of 9th grade (remember how scared you were to go to high school?), I'm praying for you now. . . many times a day, for many reasons!

    I love you, and more importantly, God loves you!!! M (nb)

  2. Thank you Mama! I'm sorry for not using punctuation, Dr. English Professor! :) I love you!

  3. Welcome to your first year of teaching--where you catch every single thing any kid has or is carrying! This, too, shall pass. Well days will be coming. Look at the bright side--your immunity will be better for the next years of teaching.

    Get better soon.