love in the ER

Tuesday night was...unexpected. Husband I found ourselves in the Emergency Room around 11pm. I was experiencing severe sharp pains and I couldn't sleep it off. (Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine.) Nothing that some pain pills and antibiotics won't fix. But that's not what this little story is about. It's about how my love for Brandon grew that night.

Maybe it was because the nurses and doctors kept calling me "Mrs. Crews." (Which I'm STILL getting used to!)

Maybe it was because he made sure I felt comfortable. He fixed my "gown", covered me up with a blanket when I felt cold, etc.

Maybe it was because he just couldn't help but to make me laugh! Oh, and it hurt to laugh! I found myself giggling in the middle of taking all of these tests. Just because.

Maybe it was because he stepped up in my time of need and saved the day (night.) 

All I know is climbing into bed that night, I felt closer to him more than ever. I felt my love multiplying inside of me.

Most of yesterday was spent sleeping. I think I was awake...maybe 4 hours? 
I remember hearing husband waking up for work (poor thing had to be at work by 7am after being at the hospital with me until 1am!)
I remember him kissing my forehead to let me know he was leaving.
I woke myself up enough to blog and watch some Netflix.
I remember falling back asleep before he went to church and waking up to his sweet words when he got home.

Today I wasn't in such a coma-like state. 
I'm not 100% better, but husband has been taking non-stop care of me.
We spent the day snuggled up watching "The Office" 
and he even went and bought some steaks to grill for me.

"In sickness and in health..." Check!

*Picture is from our Engagement shoot.


  1. aw, poor you! but being sick is much better when you have a sweet hubby to take care of you!

  2. Hope your feeling beter Lauren

  3. This is so sweet! It makes me so happy to be taken care of by my sweet hubby :)

  4. Yes, sweet husbands make being sick so much better! He has definitely spoiled me!

  5. aww! that's so sweet =) Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your steak dinner with The Office. One of my favs! =)

  6. Thank you! I sure hope I feel better soon, too! We're supposed to move out in a few weeks! But,for now, I'll settle with being lazy and watching The Office! :)

  7. awww what a sweetheart. I hope you are feeling better by now. =)

  8. Yeah, he's a keeper. :) And I am slowly getting better, thanks!!