Our Home: Living Room

Since this blog is read by friends and family, near and far, I decided to do a mini-series about our little abode. I have been meaning to show off our new place since we moved in January, but life hit us fast.
So, without further ado, welcome to our home! Come on in and sit a spell.

We live in a quaint little city in Northern Florida, just 5 minutes from the college and 20 minutes to the nearest "big" city. If we weren't just renting, I'd love to invest in some flowers, bushes, cute porch items, etc. One day!

This is the view when you first walk into the door and look to your right. (Minus Olive. She was really confused on why I kept walking around the house.) I struggled when it came to decorating this house. All the walls are concrete blocks. Everything you see on the walls are hanging from existing screws in the walls that the previous owners left. That was a challenge! And the carpet! Oh, the nasty redish/pink, stained, carpet!

Here is the view from the door, looking straight ahead. Both couches were given to us by awesome families (free!) and the quilt was made by my sweet Mamaw and me in 8th grade. The walk way leads into our dining room (that wasn't cleaned in time, so will be showcased next week!) And there's the carpet. Looking at these pictures, it turns out more red/ normal. But, I promise it's tacky. We tried our best to cover it with the rug!

This is the other side of the living room. Here is the dresser we made into an entertainment center, and a portion of the DVD's I color coded. The two doors you see lead to the guest rooms. One room is currently occupied by my brother and his friend, so you probably will never see that one broadcasted on this blog (I wouldn't do that to you!) The other is the storage/Husband's closet/puppy room. Again, probably won't be pictured. It's scary in there.

Here she is in all her glory! This is the view standing in the dining room. (And creeper, Olive.) It's not exactly ideal, but I think it's perfect for now!
The next few pictures are close ups of my favorite pieces in the living room.

An engagement picture, initials, our unity sand, and a candle.

One of my favorite signs and a ceramic hanging I made this past Christmas.

My trunk, favorite documentary books, engagement pictures, candles, and furbabies (they're my favorite in any room.)

Thanks for coming and I can't wait to show you the rest!


  1. LOVE what you have done! Even though you have weird carpet, I believe you worked around it quite well! Not to mention, being creative with the pre-existing wall-hanging-devices! Nicely done! It looks very homey! I would come hang out there.... just sayin'. lol

  2. Such a cute house :) Renting blows sometimes, but you've done a great job!

    Would love for you to follow me at:

  3. Love how you turned a dresser into an entertainment center!

  4. I love the dresser entertainment center! What a cute idea!