Mini Messages

Dear Rain,
I like you. You can stay. Bring along your friend, colder weather!

Dear Right Eye,
I don't like you. Thanks for the stripped top layer of my cornea. Not.

Dear Pirates,
After wearing an eye patch for the past 24 hours, I totally respect you guys more. I think I've earned to right to "arrrgh."

Dear Husband,
Thank you for taking care of your sweet, blind wife. Even if you died laughing while trying to make me an eye patch. I still love you.

Dear Reba,
Your t.v. show is so perfect for my heart. Cracks me up and reminds me of Texas.

Dear Kindergarteners,
Let's take it easy on Mrs. Crews tomorrow. She's had a tough few days and can't fully see out of one eye. How about we play the silent game...all day.

Dear Blog World Friends,
I know I've been a little M.I.A. lately, but I promise I've been silently keeping up with your lives! (Let's not dwell on how creepy that sounds. You know what I mean!) 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh... Reba is indeed an awesome show. I was so addicted when that was on TV.

  2. ahh, i love reba, too!!