It's a blog world rule to apologize and explain why you've been missing for, oh...like, 2 months.
But I'm not going to.
And you can't make me.

I will, however, fill you in with another one of my world famous "things" post.
(Okay, maybe not world famous...but I do see visitors from Germany. Shout out to my Germans!)

Want to feel really old? Plan a wedding for one of your girls from an old youth group you and your husband led way back when. Our sweet Kayla is going and getting herself hitched! I loved planning our wedding and I even had Kayla's help, so of course, I'm loving planning hers. January is coming super quick.

Speaking of Fall/Winter (sort of)...
It's Fall and almost Winter!
No more explanation needed.

Husband and I play this game. You see, I'm horrible at replacing the toilet paper. I'll grab the new roll, but I always forget to put it in the holder. To "teach me a lesson," he started to leave the empty rolls on my side of counter. Now we just hide the roll so the other person finds it. Drawers, jewelry box, shoes, dishwasher. Well, it just makes me laugh. So, the joke is on him and I haven't learned my lesson.

I have two jobs now. I work 4 days at a store downtown and 2 days at our church's preschool.
So, I love it.

Last weekend we took our youth on a Fall Retreat to Copperhill, TN. It was so beyond so much fun.
Here's the video, if you're into that kind of stuff...

I'm off to catch up on all my blog friends and see how many are now pregnant. (I always miss the announcements and end up congratulating you all embarrassingly late. Sorry.)

I promise to maybe have some semi regular writing schedule.

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