I'm THAT dog mom...

(Bailee and Olive with our tiny 5 week baby...9 weeks ago!)

Being almost 4 months preggo has my mind thinking things I've never thought about before.
For 5 years, I've been a "puppy mom" to my girls, Bailee and Olive.
B and I will be talking, and I just have to burst out laughing at how we compare our dogs to kids.

I know, I know. 
2 WAY different things.
I know you can't leave a baby in the kennel...
for more than an hour.
That's a joke.

But, because I/we love our pups more than most humans, I can't help but hope our babe picks up a few of their characteristics.

I hope baby learns to be independent, but snuggly like Olive.
I hope baby learns to find things to wag their tail for every single day like Bailee (symbolically speaking, of course.)
I hope baby gets Olive's amazing eyelashes (that's weird, sorry! But seriously, I'm jealous of them.)
I hope baby withholds kisses like Olive, and keeps them for special people only.
I hope baby guards their heart, but loves big like Bailee.
I hope baby learns to focus on their goals and never give up like Bailee.
I hope baby speaks their mind like Olive (maybe just a tad quieter.)

I can't wait to see our little family grow.
I know two little puppies that have no idea their world is about to be turned upside down.
(And two parents that have no idea either!)

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