one year ago today... (part one)

One year ago today, I was 39 weeks pregnant and woke up to sharp pains.
I immediately started praying.
"Lord, is this labor? Please give me clear labor signs!"
I found an app that recorded contractions (there's an app for that!) and started counting.
The pains continued, 8-10 minutes apart...
"Is this real?"
I eventually decided to get up and casually said to Husband,
"Hey! I've been having steady contractions for about an hour now. Want some scrambled eggs?"

My 39 week appointment was a few hours away, so we figured waiting was best. 
With my contractions being 8-10 minutes apart, I knew they'd send me home anyway.
The Dr. gave me the news I didn't want to hear.
"No progression. Go home and wait. Could be tomorrow, could be 2 weeks!"

Lunch at Outback, pausing for contractions.
Walking around the mall, pausing for contractions.
Napping was useless, waking for contractions.

I began to worry, 
"If this isn't labor, how much longer with these consistent contractions?"

Dinner at Chick-fil-A, pausing for contractions.
Walking around Target, pausing for contractions.

It was 10pm and I needed sleep, so we called it a night, not knowing when our little girl would finally join us.
Sweet Husband took the floor so I could stretch and get comfortable.
Despite my exhaustion, sleep did not come easily.
I learned to sleep during the minutes between contractions, as they worsened and came quicker...

to be continued...

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