emmerson says...(part 4)

"Keep your eyes on the pie."

"Okay! Let's get some air on and some music on."
Tiny commands from the backseat, as soon as we get in the car.

"I am a robot and I'm gonna mess you up. Petew. Petew."
In the most impressive robot voice you ever heard.

"Thank you, Car, for driving!

"Daddy! Hutch bit Mommy's nickel-pickle!"
Ask me later if you need an explanation...

"Hutch. It's 'ck' 'ck' 'TAR!'"
Teaching Hutch how to pronounce car. Never mind that her c's are t's.

"Why her got hers belly button out? I can see hers belly button!"
Shocked at the dancer's costumes on tv. That's right, baby! Modesty!

"Mommy, you're a great flashlight."

"I'm getting all my allergies out!"
Meaning "energy" as she's running around on the playground.

"God makes our toots."

"I got boogers in my ear."
Emmerson discovers ear wax!

"Some foods gives me spicy lips."

"My belly's burping!"

"How can we swim without our swimming soups?"
Never correcting that one.

"Sharks are really bitey."

"I will not do that again. Just like God said, 'I will never flood the earth again.' I will never do that again."
Her convincing response when she was asked about the toothpaste all over the counter.

"When I drink water, I get water hiccups."
I think my favorite thing is the way she explains her bodily functions.

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