Santa Baby,

Christmas is coming!
I'm not one of those "start listening to Christmas music in November" kind of people. I'm a "listen to Christmas music 24/7 365 days a year" kind of person.
Sad, but true.
Everything in me gets excited when the time is near for everyone else to join me in my Christmas merriment! Alas, the time is here.
I've grown out of "Christmas Lists" in a way. I used to have one posted on the refrigerator by November and would add on to it every commercial break. Nowadays, my list has changed to more "practical" items. But, there's still a kid in me who has secret wishes and wants. So, ladies and gentlemen, my grown up Christmas list:

-teeth whitened- I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. What's wrong with wanting super pearly whites?
-apron- I want to be the cutest thing in the kitchen! Lack of skills won't matter when I'm wearing this!
-Pandora bracelet - I love charm bracelets! I love how each one has it's own special meaning behind it.
-pearl ring- They've always caught my eye! I love them!
-Willow Tree figurines -I've got about 15 already. I need more to add to my collection!
-Beta fish- I loved Jack the Fish. I would like another one of him.
-Dr. Seuss books - I would LOVE to start my collection for future classrooms!
-Mo Willems new "Knuffle Bunny" book - He is my FAVORITE children's author! This book made me cry.
-Guitar lessons -I need someone to hold me accountable. I need a set time to practice or else I'll never get any better!
- Mac Book Pro -Pretty please! One with a yellow cover, also.
-Trip to Paris- I want to be here, sitting on a bench, in the pouring rain, with my yellow rain boots and jacket, and a clear plastic umbrella. Kthanks!
-Clear Umbrella- It's needed to make the above come true. But with a yellow handle.
-Fall/Winter clothes- It's my favorite time of year, but I don't have enough to keep me warm!
-Crock Pot- I feel I could be very creative with one of these. It's a must.
-TV- I need one. Point blank.
-Clearplay DVD Player- As soon as I have a house and family, this is a must! It takes out cuss words, inappropriate scenes, all of it!
-Old classic musicals on DVDs- I have the longest list already! Santa needs to get to shopping!
-Job upgrade- I need to be content. I'm thankful for my current job, but something has to change.
-Fred Astaire's albums- He voice melts my heart.
-Big coffee mug- Think "Friends." I love big mugs. Not for coffee, though.
-Big, pre-lit Christmas Tree- I can't wait to have my own!
-Manicure and Pedicure- I deserve it!
-Christmas in NYC- Snow? Shopping? Shows? Yes, please!
-Record a Christmas Album- Always has been a dream of mine.
-New, professional Camera- I love taking pictures. I would be a photographer if it could support me!
-Big, stylish purse- I carry a lot around with me. Brandon calls me a walking library! If I don't take it all with me, I'll surely forget it somewhere!
-Day at the spa- I deserve this too. But, only with someone else to come with me!
-The Harry Potter movies and soundtracks- They warm my insides too. The music is so eerie, it's beautiful!
-Calvin and Hobbes Collections and shirt- I have about 6 collections already. I LOVE reading them! Always brightens my day!
-Matching luggage set- I can always know which one's mine! Plus, I plan on traveling ALL over. I can do it in style!
-Watch "Glee" series- I'm interested to see what all the hype is about.
-Own my own boutique shop- Another dream. Oh, I wish.
-Make cards and other miscellaneous crafts- Something to do on the side, maybe start my business with it!

These are all wishes. I've had this list growing on my cell phone for a week or so. I'm sure by the time Christmas gets here I'll have more. But, this is it for now. So, Santa (aka Brandon, family, friends, and students) get started! I've been a real good girl.

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