Mushy Gushy Love

I was swamped with work last night. I was getting everything together to get ready for graduation and I had a migraine to top it all off.
I was in a mood. "Miss Meaness" as Brandon likes to call it.
He had been trying without any success at making my stress go away and nothing was working.

So, being the amazing guy that he is, he turned on a sweet slow song, pulled me up from the couch, and we danced.

It was just that simple, sweet gesture that reminded me how much I meant to him.
My heart was so full.

He has that affect on me.

If you know me at all, you know who my heart belongs too.
(I hope you'd first say Jesus.)
Then a certain guy that seems to have been following me around for quite some time!

I always enjoyed his humor, his smile, and obviously his looks. (Goodnight! He's gorgeous!)
But at first, I never let it get past the friend stage.

He's the funny, popular, "ladies man," and me? I'm the slightly less funny (at least to some...bahah,) I tend to stay in the background, and I wasn't looking to guys for anything more than friends.

If you told me, back in August 2008, that I'd be dating and planning a future with Brandon Crews...I'd probably laugh at you! Baha. I laugh now! He was Brandon Crews! I'm Lauren Wegmann! Just a new girl with braces and long hair! But even more, my heart was guarded and man, it was an impressive wall! I waited for God to bring along the guy who could see past the wall and break it down.

He pursued me for months without gaining anything but a smile from me and passive reaction. I look back now and don't feel sorry! Baha. Sorry! But, I was being cautious and rightly so. I was done with dating just to date. I wanted the next guy to be the last guy.

Then God, being the amazing perfecter of everything, changed my heart. He let me see that it was okay to let Brandon make me smile. He told me that the fuzzy feelings I got inside were there for a reason. I knew God placed them there. That God placed Brandon in my life for a reason.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

It's been the most amazing 2 years of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm glad I took a leap of faith and let him in. I'm glad I didn't let anyone's thoughts ruin mine. I'm so glad that I became vulnerable and trusted him to take care of me.

If I hadn't done any of that, I'd be missing out on everything! A sweet precious white ball of fur for one thing!
But, I'd be missing the hugs that make everything else fade away. I'd have missed out on the flowers, the movies, the day dates, and the road trips. I'd be missing on the best thing God ever gave me.

So, yes, this is a mushy gushy love story.

And it's mine.

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