Mini Messages

Dear Second Graders,
Please take it easy on me. It's a new position and school for me...I need your cooperation.

Dear Food,
Quit being so darn addictive. We really should tone things down a bit. My body would really appreciate it.

Dear Little Girl Lauren,
I miss you. "Being Grown Up Lauren" is scary. Where's my Peter Pan?

Dear Cosby Show,
You make my life. Thank you for always showing up on my Netflix, just waiting for me when I get home for a long day. I love you.

Dear Christmas,
I'm ready for you. Never too early to start the holidays!


  1. YES! I'm so ready for sugar cookies, Bing Crosby, and TV Movie specials!!!

  2. Oh, yes!! I'm actually putting in "White Christmas" as I type this! I LOVE that season!!

  3. awe :) second grade was my favorite... also the year of my favorite teacher ever. cool job, for sure!

    i, too, love the cosby show. and bill cosby, himself. glad someone else out there knows how to appreciate the good stuff :) haha

    as for christmas (and i can't believe i'm saying this) i'm so ready for it. luckily this year has gone by so quickly that i'm sure it'll be here in no time!