slow down, please.

(Sweet Littlegirl and I on our weekend roadtrip. Can I just stay on vacation forever?!)

Life got crazy. Really fast and without my permission.
(Like God needs my permission...ha!)

I should first say, God has blessed our lives tremendously in the past few days and in the days to come!

It all started last Wednesday.
I was helping a friend move into her dorm (Shout out to Kayla!) and we talked about a teaching position open at the local elementary. 
I laughed at the information because I had truly and honestly given up on ever teaching there.
After 5 interviews at the same school...you just stop putting yourself out there!

Now rewind to Thursday morning, 9am.
My phone when off, saying I had a missed call and voicemail (dumb cell service.)
Who called? None other than the principal from said elementary school. She was unusually happy telling me to call her back.
So, I did.
And what do you know?

I got the job.


Yep, that's right. I am no longer teaching middle school. God answered my prayers and put me back into my element. Mrs. Crews will be teaching 2nd grade. Sigh.

Well, after crying, praying, and talking on the phone, things sped up.
-Drove to school to get my key to my room.
-Had to hurry because the youth were all going bowling.
-Car wouldn't start in school parking lot.
-Husband to the rescue.
-Car stopped/died/hated me on the way to the church.
-Bowling with youth.
-Towed car to safer destination.
-Moved classroom around.
-Friday: Left for In-loves.
-Saturday: Tampa wedding for my cousin.
-Sunday: Back home (6+ hours driving...for Husband)
-Monday: 8:30am sharp begins my journey as a first year public school teacher! Files, papers, fingerprints, I.D.'s, orientations, etc.
Tuesday: Breathe.

So, blog friends. I may not be posting much. Seeing how I cannot breathe until Tuesday.

If you do, pray pray pray for me! There is "minor" personal issue with the job but I know that if God brought this into my life, His strength will help me get through it!


  1. Yaayyyy! Congratulations on the job...God always seems to work stuff out when it's most needed. I'll be praying for your first day! :)


  2. Congrats on the job! Hope it goes smoothly and you get some cute kiddos in your class! =D

  3. Congratulations on the job!! God is good!!

  4. Thank you all so much! It was definitely a God thing! It was all in His timing...which we all know is best! I'm getting excited!

  5. you are gorgeous!

    new follower, by the way. and so glad i found you. i can tell i'm going to enjoy this blog fully :)