Joy Filled Friday and a Recipe!

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Well, today is a new day! I woke up giggling to the sound of my malti-pom howling, snuggled with Husband, and enjoyed pizza for breakfast. I'd say that's a great start. Despite the struggles this week brought, I can smile because it's the weekend, I'm alive, and God is in control. Amen to that!

This weekend I will:
-organize the "box room" (that dreaded room in the house, full of unpacked boxes that need to be thrown out, given away, or placed elsewhere) That's been on the to-do list for....ever.
-watch some more of my classic movies collection
-paint my nails
-clean, clean, clean!

Here's to hoping I get at least one of those things done!

Now, as promised, my Oreo Cupcake Recipe!
(I cannot take all credit for this, it's part Pinterest pictures, part back of cake mix box, and part imagination!)

Cake mix (and all ingredients it calls for: eggs, butter, oil, etc. They all differ!)
Pack of Oreo's
Cupcake Sleeves
Cupcake Pan(s)

Prep the pan.

I had two pans, totaling in 20 cupcakes. One pan (12 cupcakes) had Oreos on the bottom. The other (8 cupcakes) had an Oreo on top. 

Chop up an entire row of Oreos. I chopped each Oreo into 8 pieces, then chopped randomly through the pile. 

Make the cake mix. I used Butter Yellow Cake mix. If you have an electric mixer, you are so lucky. If not, like me, you get to work out for a bit!

Once the mix is the right consistency, add the chopped Oreos.

This is the fun part! I used a spoon to fill each paper cup. The 12 on top have Oreos on the bottom. I filled each cup a little over half way because they will rise. Pop them in the oven! The back of all cake mixes should have the temp and time for cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were in the oven, I got my frosting ready. I used a freezer bag, filled it with chocolate frosting, and cut a small tip out of the bottom.

I was so glad to see they didn't rise up and spill over the sides. I had never made cupcakes before and I kept thinking of how horrible they could turn out!

I frosted the ones with Oreo's on the bottom and chopped up the remaining Oreo's to sprinkle on top. Lesson learned: wait until the cupcakes cool before trying to frost! Otherwise, frosting melts and everything gets messy! For the Oreo on top ones, I left them alone. Husband like them the best, tasted like a chocolate chip muffin to him.

There you go! I have never done a recipe blog before. Mainly because I never really cook and because I don't think anyone would care! 
Funny thing, I didn't eat a single cupcake. I don't usually like sweets, so I judged them by all the guys at the house...it was a success! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. These look amazing Lauren! So yummo! I hope you have a relaxing & refreshing weekend! ;)

  2. these look delicious and dangerous all in one.

    my favorite combination.

  3. um, those look fantastic. I might have to make some for the guys I work with. They are always begging me for treats.
    thanks for the recipe!
    xox Whitney