hello, again.

Can I just start off by apologizing?

I'm sorry.

I've been a horrible blog friend.

I mean, horr-i-ble!

But there's a valid reason for my absence.

I'm teaching once again!

What I once swore off, God placed back into my life.
Funny when He works things out like that.

I am the newest  pre-school teacher at Trinity Learning Center.
Basically, I have the best job.

The only reason I'm not at work and I'm writing this now is because I had some cysts rupture which made for a sick day.
(P.S. I'm perfectly fine. Just comes with the endometriosis.)

I have the sa-weetest babies.
Oh, man.
They stole my heart at the first "Meh Waren" (that's "Mrs. Lauren" for you non-fluent pre-school talkers.)

They also stole my time.
I mean, up at 6 and gogogo until 5.
Come home.
Start over.

But I wouldn't change it for anything.
You know you love your job when even on an "off" day, all you want to do is be at work.
That never happens.

Meh Waren will be back in action tomorrow (fingers crossed) and hopefully some sort of scheduled routine will come back with my blogging.

Now, to catch up on your lives!


  1. what is going on in that picture up there! i can't handle how cute it is. so many puppy noses and beady eyes :)

  2. Baha. Thanks! That was pre-bath time! I've got some more shot of during and afterwards. They hate it, but I can't help it if they look so adorably helpless!

  3. I have recently discovered your blog, and I love your blog =)!

    What a wonderful job you have! I think being a teacher is one the hardest things to do in the world, but I think it is definitely one the most rewarding jobs out there.

    I am so glad the Lord has called you to teach the little ones!

    Hope your week will be filled with blessings from above!


  4. congrats on teaching again, lady!! and that is the cutest fluffypup picture ever :)