My job is awesome for many reasons. For one, I spend all day in pajamas (they prefer to call them scrubs, more professionally sounding. But, let's be real. They're pajamas.) I spend many hours a week coloring, eating imaginary food, pretending to fall asleep and snore, dancing, singing, etc. Basically, I'm paid to act like a fool and my kids think it's the coolest thing ever. Now, I'd be lying if I said it's all fun and games. As with any job (especially those working with little ones) there are challenges. I'd say there's at least 10-15 breakdowns (I admit, 25% come from me, the teacher), 100 diaper changes, many days that I feel like I'm a broken record- repeating myself until I lose my voice, and I'm always placing my hands in some unknown sticky/wet substance. But, when I sit with those kids and they can tell me shapes, colors, numbers, letters, animals (all by the age of 2, mind you!) I am reminded why I love what I do. All the while,  I get to love on these kids and share with them the eternal love of Christ. A bad day can't ruin my career choice.

How about our first wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks?! I can't believe it's been a year. Goodness, what a year it has been. Husband has a surprise getaway planned the weekend of our anniversary. Sadly, I can't get off work. So on the 11th (the actual date),  I'll be celebrating with 7 toddlers. Yay. But, that's okay. I'm ready to see what Husband has planned!

I have successfully lost 4 pounds. WooHoo! How? I have no clue. Working? Running around, chasing kids? Eating quick tunafish and cracker meals? Who cares? I feel great!

Husband bought me Lion King on DVD and we had the best time watching it. I haven't seen it in years and seriously, you'd think it was the first time I ever saw it with all my laughing (and crying!) Such a good one!

Oh man, I have never been so excited about our future. I feel like we finally got all the junk out of our lives and now we can see the outcome of following Christ through everything. These next few months could reveal a lot of new roads and I'm so ready!

Happy 3 day weekend! Remember why we celebrate, as you celebrate!


  1. Glad to hear the job is going well! =D And happy (early) anniversary!

    1. Thank you so much! It's definitely been an exhausting blast! (Both the job and the marriage!) Baha. :)

  2. As mean as those words that woman said about you were, I feel like God used all of that for His good to bring you to the job you're at now! Even if you did miss out on other jobs, they weren't in His will for you to have because He knew this job would be the perfect fit for you. :) I love that you love your job! I have GREAT admiration for people who work with children all day! I also love that you're being a light for Christ to them. :)

  3. You are so right! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than where He has me!

  4. Wow. I litterally cannon fathom why someone would do that to such a sweet girl like you. Anyone who has even met you knows you're not like that. So sad. I feel bad for them. I'm glad things are beginning to look up for you guys! Enjoy your first wedding anniversary! :) Surprises are so fun!

    PS: I hope who ever that person is leaves you the heck alone from now on!

  5. Oh that is HORRIBLE! Why do people have to be so rude? I would be shocked to find that someone I trusted enough to list as a reference only had negative things to say :(
    Congrats on being married almost 1 year! The time flies by SO quickly!! And I can't wait to hear what your hubs has planned!